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service-detail-1Social Media Marketing is vital for a business to make a strong online presence.   In India there are about 130+ million active users of social media. It has become necessary for a business to be present on social media channels to promote and interact with their existing and prospective clients. Social media is turning out to be a great platform to identify and interact with people which get converted to their clients/customers for your business.

Channels of Social Media

There are different channels of social media which is to be used for different industries and selecting an appropriate social media channel would decide the success of social media campaign. At Infipix we first understand your business and then suggest the right social media channels to choose. This would help to attain results in less cost.


Facebook is the major social media platform which is used by majority of the population. Facebook has almost all types of people which would be interested in your product/service. The success of facebook marketing lies in identifying the right targeted customers which would become a part of your client list. We at Infipix have crafted in-house techniques which would increase interaction among the followers, which would help create a strong brand and followers base.


LinkedIn is one of the best social media channel for professionals across the globe. Marketing and creating a strong followers base on LinkedIn. Posts on LinkedIn should be handled with care as the audiences on LinkedIn expect different type of content. We at Infipix have a great team to handle your LinkedIn marketing with ease to deliver the best ROI.


Twitter is a micro blogging social media channel which has gained popularity because of its. Twitter is a great way to communicate with your customers and help them solve their problems. Totally different strategy is to be adopted while carrying out twitter marketing and Infipix nails it every single time.


Instagram is the world’s largest photo sharing social media channel. After acquisition by Facebook the importance of Instagram is growing and is being used efficiently by the marketers. This channel though would not be suitable for all the businesses but for some industries like fashion and food instgram can be really fruitful.

Why Choose Infipix?

Results matter the most and with the help of our team of social media experts we frame an ideal social media marketing campaign which would guarantee results for every type and industry. With the help of in house techniques and strategies we have mastered in running paid campaigns which deliver the best results for less.

Infipix is one the best Social media agency in Chennai which would help to render you professional Social media marketing service in Chennai. We have a team of passionate digital marketers obsessed with the best results for all our client campaigns. We value you hard money which helps us deliver the best ROI.

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